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Nama Prof. Dr. H. Didin Muhafidin, S.Ip., M.Si.
Biography Professor Dr. Didin Muhafidin is a distinguished scholar and educator in the field of Public Administration and Public Policy. He is a Profesor of Public Policy. With an extensive academic background and a passion for teaching and research, he has made significant contributions to the field and has inspired countless students in their academic and professional journeys. Professor Muhafidin earned his Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral degrees from Universitas Padjadjaran, where he demonstrated exceptional dedication to the study of Public Administration and Public Policy. His educational journey served as a strong foundation for his future academic and research endeavors.

Professor Didin Muhafidin’s academic journey has been characterized by excellence and dedication. He earned his qualification to teach in Public Administration, showcasing his expertise in this field. Since 1994, he has been an integral part of Padjadjaran University, contributing to the institution’s growth and academic excellence. His commitment to education led him to hold multiple positions concurrently, reflecting his passion and expertise.

Didin Muhafidin has held the position of Professor of Public Policy at Padjadjaran University. This role allowed him to impart his knowledge and experience to countless students, shaping the next generation of public administration professionals.

In 2015, Professor Muhafidin took on the role of Rector at Universitas Al Ghifari Bandung. His leadership skills and commitment to academic excellence have undoubtedly left a lasting legacy at the university.

Alongside his administrative roles, Professor Muhafidin continued to teach and guide students in the Public Administration Department at Padjadjaran University. Professor Muhafidin’s teaching primarily focused on Public Administration, imparting essential knowledge and skills to his students. His interdisciplinary approach enriched the learning experience, allowing students to understand the broader implications of public administration in various contexts.

Beyond the classroom, Professor Didin Muhafidin engaged in various activities that contributed to his professional growth and the advancement of public administration in Indonesia:

He actively participated in further education and training programs, enhancing his skills in areas such as MOT training, higher education accreditation, structural position open bidding assessment, internal audit, and social research methods.

Professor Muhafidin’s commitment to research is evident in his extensive publication record. His work has delved into critical issues such as public policy during the COVID-19 pandemic, the role of fiscal and monetary policies in environmental degradation, and more.

His expertise extended to consultancy work, where he undoubtedly played a pivotal role in advising on important policy matters.

Professor Didin Muhafidin’s contributions to academia are evident in his notable publications, which have been recognized for their scholarly excellence:

“Policy strategies to reduce the social impact of stunting during the COVID-19 pandemic in Indonesia” (2022).

“Improving Quality of Higher Education Using Academic Information System as a Public Administration Service: The Case of Indonesia” (2020).

“The role of fiscal policy and monetary policy in environmental degradation in Indonesia” (2020).

“Geographic Information System (GIS): Potential mapping of agribusiness in southern part of West Java” (2021).

“Local Government policies in handling domestic violence (KDRT) during pandemic COVID-19” (2021).

“Analysis of Government Policies in Treating Work Termination Due to COVID-19 Pandemic” (2021).

Professor Muhafidin is an active member of various professional organizations, including the All Muslim Intellectual Association (ICMI), Indonesia Rector Forum, and ABPPTSI. These affiliations demonstrate his commitment to networking and collaboration within the academic community. Professor Didin Muhafidin’s international engagements have further enriched his academic and professional journey. He has served as a speaker in esteemed universities abroad, including Kebangsaan University Malaysia, Tashkent University in Uzbekistan, and Beijing University in China, where he shared his expertise and contributed to the global discourse on public administration. In summary, Professor Didin Muhafidin is a distinguished scholar and leader in the field of Public Administration, whose multifaceted career has significantly impacted education, research, and policy-making in Indonesia. His unwavering commitment to excellence, evident in his teaching, research, and leadership roles, continues to inspire future generations of scholars and administrators.

IDs Scopus: 57216160964

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Keywords Leadership, MOT training Capacity building of village apparatus, higher education accreditation, structural position open bidding assessment, internal audit, and social research methods, participatory planning, policy making, collaborative academic community
Education & Qualifications Bachelor’s Degree (S1): Universitas Padjadjaran

Master’s Degree (S2): Universitas Padjadjaran

Doctoral Degree (S3): Universitas Padjadjaran

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