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Nama Dr. Tomi Setiawan
Biography Tomi Setiawan is one of the teaching staff at the Department of Public Administration Padjadjaran University. He studied at Master of Social Science Padjadjaran University, and Master of Regional Planning IPB University, and received his Doctoral degree in Rural Sociology IPB University. He has an interest in research on Public Management, Governance, and Regional Studies. Active as a speaker at national and international seminars, such as IAPA Anual conference, AGPA International conference, AAPA International confertence, EUROPE International conference, etc.
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IDs Orcid: 0000-0001-8537-1932



Keywords regional planning, public service, decentralized governance, collaborative governance, agrarian, indigenous communities issues.
Education & Qualifications S3 IPB University, ID | 2015-2021 | Doctoral in Rural Sociology.


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