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Name Prof. Dr. Drs. H. Entang Adhy Muhtar, M.S
Biography Entang Adhy Muhtar, is a Professor in Development Administration at Public Administration Department, Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, Universitas Padjadjaran (Unpad), Indonesia. He is senior lecturer and senior researcher at Public Administration Department Unpad. He holds a Doctoral Degree from Public Administration at Faculty of Social and Political Sciences Universitas Padjadjaran (2008).

His main research interests are Village Development Administration. Among others, his current collaborative research is entitled “Smart Villages, Rural Development and Community Vulnerability in Indonesia: A Bibliometric Analysis” (, “The Road to Inclusive Decentralized Village Governance in Indonesia” (

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Sinta :

IDs Scopus : 57201469469

Keywords Public Administration, Development Administration, Decentralization and Bureaucratic Reform
Education & Qualifications S1 Universitas Padjadjaran, (Public Administration), ID : Drs.

S2 Universitas Gadjah Mada, (Public Administration), ID : M.S

S3 Universitas Padjadjaran, (Public Administration), ID : Dr.


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